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Accelerated Chumash 101: Part 2 (January 26-March 2/2022) is a Course

Accelerated Chumash 101: Part 2 (January 26-March 2/2022)

Time limit: 50 days

Spots remaining: 20

$125 Enroll

Full course description

Pronouns:  Feminine How to navigate a Chumash


Prefixes, alone and in combination


Prepositional Prefixes

Specific Direct Object

Nouns:  Feminine and Masculine

Nouns:  Singular and Plural

Adjectives:  Feminine and Masculine

Adjectives:  Singular and Plural

Nouns and adjectives with the definite prefix ה.


סמיכות:  When 2 nouns are placed next to each other:  Different implications

Pronouns:  Subjective, Objective, Possessive



Verb Tenses:  Future

Weak Letters of a שורש, or root letters of a verb

The ו׳ that switches tenses from future to past

טעמי המקרא:  The musical notes for reading the Torah

Integrating the concepts in the lessons above