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Accelerated Chumash 101: Part 2 Fall 2022 is a Course

Accelerated Chumash 101: Part 2 Fall 2022

Time limit: 50 days

Spots remaining: 20

$125 Enroll

Full course description

Prepositions:  more complex ones than before

Pronoun suffixes

יש/אין:  What there is/What there is not

ה׳ השאלה:  The letter ה that indicates a question

Start integrating your knowledge in longer passage translations

Possessive Pronouns

Ordinal Numbers

Verbs with Pronoun Suffixes

Objective Suffixes

Verb Tenses:  Present, Feminine and Masculine

ה׳ ההגמה:  The ה that indicates “to”

Verb Tenses:  The whole picture

ה plus a present tense verb

Verb Tenses:  Command

Objective Suffixes

Verb Tenses:  מקור


·      קל ונפעל

·      פיעל ופועל

·      הפעיל והופעל

·      התפעל

Lots on בנינים


Beginning of understanding Rashi