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The Harmonious Marriage is a Course

The Harmonious Marriage

Time limit: 42 days

Sorry! The enrollment period is currently closed. Please check back soon.

Full course description

This is a 6-week live (On Zoom) series presented by Mrs. Shterna Althaus from Melbourne, Australia.

Mrs. Althaus is a Certified Counsellor, Psychotherapist and Life Coach, and Eden Center certified Kallah teacher and counsellor.

The topics are comprehensive & empower women to work on their Sholom Bayis & celebrate wins together 

We access innovative ideas from Torah & best-selling marriage techniques

How to start building the relationship when there seems like your spouse is not on board 

How to bring out the best in your spouse and act like the true mekabel

Learn techniques for bringing up difficult discussions

Avoiding the 4 horsemen & their antidotes 

How to truly spend time together & connect like you used to 

How to argue collaboratively and constructively, and making a safe environment 

True Intimacy & pleasure from Torah Sources 

How to turn to each other for support 

Making the most of your date night 

How to schedule times to be connected even when schedules seem to clash 

How to avoid hurting each other by disconnecting when you’re flooding or feeling overwhelmed 

Increasing your Window of tolerance & understand the fight, flight or freeze response 

How You can help your marriage be a place of connection & deep love.

Privacy vs Secrecy 

Recordings available