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Women in Nach: Biblical Figures, Contemporary Lessons is a Course

Women in Nach: Biblical Figures, Contemporary Lessons

Time limit: 90 days
3 credits

Spots remaining: 20

$650 Enroll

Full course description

Highlighting the lives of 10 women, some of whom you may not yet have heard of, let alone studied them, welcome to Women in Nach: Biblical Figures, Contemporary Lessons.  The women are:  Chanah, Devorah, Rus, Rachav, Michal, Avigail, the Tekoite, the Shunamite, The wife of Ovadia, and Esther.  

This course involves reviewing the text with basic commentaries of the woman being studied either alone or with a friend.  Then, you will learn from Mrs. Touger's presentation work about other commentaries and perspectives.  You will be enlightened by Gemara's, Yalkut Shimoni, Malbim and others.  Everything has been translated from the original.  Although you do not have to write papers or take tests, all of the resources and topics to research independently are available in the course material for you to read alone.  The major focus of these independent assignments is for the student to think out of the box and see how the lives of these women can truly be role models for us in the 21st Century.   After all, there were prophets, נביאים, as numerous as those who left Egypt.  What happened to them?  Why do we not know who they were?  Because their messages did not have the impact for eternity.  That these stories and prophesies are available to us to learn from is a sign that they are meant for us to study and learn from in a  personal way.