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Chumash: The Ramban: Foundations of Faith is a Course

Chumash: The Ramban: Foundations of Faith

Time limit: 90 days
3 credits

Spots remaining: 20

$650 Enroll

Full course description

Chumash Foundations:  The Study of the Nachmanides רמב״ן Description:  The Ramban presents us with a panoramic view of the Torah.  An incisive examination of Torah sections flows into profound explorations of the foundations of Judaism. P’shat, and Medrash are coupled with innovative explanations of the rationale and benefits of the Mitzvos.  Here, for the first time, a wider readership was introduced to Kabbalistic explanations of the Torah.  History is woven into its fabric, the natural world part of its canvas. Both lovingly respectful of his great predecessors and fiercely independent, the Ramban forged a unique path in Torah.  In this course, you will walk that path and be enriched by its panoramic view. This is a 12 week accredited course.